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About Blaise...

My lengthy struggles with anxiety and panic propelled me to choose a career focused on helping others with similar problems. After completing my Master's degree in Clinical Social Work, I worked for 9 months with emotionally disturbed children in both psychiatric hospital and group home settings. Next, I got my dream job at the Anxiety Disorders Institute of Atlanta, where I learned the fundamentals of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy ) including: relaxation therapies, Barlow's interoceptive exercises, exposure work (imaginal and in vivo), response prevention and others. 

Next, I spent 2 years working inpatient and , again, focusing on working with people who had anxiety disorders. Concurrently, I joined the Anxiety Disorder´s Association of America, atended national conventions and served on their Hospitality Committee. Later I presented as a guest panelist at meetings in Seattle and Miami as well as presented in a New Orleans convention.

I later worked in outpatient, partial hospitalization and private practice settings. During this time I wrote and published my memoir, Homebound No More, which was awarded the Editor's Choice Award by iUniverse. I have consulted on legal matters regarding anxiety disorders and made numerous presentations for the Mental Health Association and N.A.M.I. (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Currently, I am living in Panama, where I continue to advise and consult internationally.