Helping you heal.


Hello Blog...

Right this minute I couldn't feel further removed from the "nervous suffering" (Claire Weekes, M.D.) that plagued me over the first 30 years of my life. Escape has been quite the journey...

 This morning I write to you from the library in an exquisite Panamanian city in the mountains near the Costa Rican border - Boquete. As I'm writing, the comfort of the rich brown leather couch beneath me is so relaxing. My panoramic view of the fog above the northern mountain range is barely obstructed by lush, verdant vegetation. During this, the rainy season, bamboo, palm trees, birds-of-paradise couldn't be more alive. The increased oxygen of the tropics embues all living things with health and wellbeing.

Today I am filled with gratitude that I have healed from my panic disorder and agoraphobia. Just as importantly, the responsibility to share my good fortune with those on an earlier leg of this confounding, exasperating pathway is foremost in my thoughts.

 You are an individual. Your story in all it's rich complexity is important. You need to be heard. And... when you are ready, there are things I can teach you, share with you- one traveller to another.. respecting your personhood, experience and capacity to heal. Just as I have healed.

Blaise Dismer