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...Blaise’s strength is that he is every one of us, regardless of the particulars of culture or religion we come from...
— Mani Feniger, Author of Journey from Anxiety to Freedom
There is abundant life far beyond just managing symptoms. If you knew Blaise like I do, you’d be inspired by his life of love, connectedness and deep meaning.
— Rex Briggs, M.S.W., Author of Transforming Anxiety Transcending Shame
Blaise Dismer, LCSW is a fine person and professional. I worked with him just over a year and wish it could have been longer. He is dedicated, goes the extra mile, and is one of the most compassionate therapists I have encountered. He specializes in working with anxiety disorders and has any number of strategies in his tool kit to help people find a calmer and more rewarding way of dealing with the stress that is so common in modern life.
— Carol Lowery, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Blaise is a dedicated listener and you know he deeply cares…I know I can rely on discussing things with Blaise’s help and he will work with me to push through life’s challenges.”
— A.W., Alabama, U.S.A.